Wow, has time flown by…………

Wow, has time flown by…………

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since my last post! But then, I’ve been knitting my fingers off and busy with life in general.

Where to start….well, back in March I told you about the projects DRG Publications accepted. With three to have done by May 7th I haven’t been working on any other knitting. Happily, two are in and the third one is coming along nicely. And I’m happy with how the first two worked out, and so far the third one is going as planned too. That’s not to say I haven’t learned anything along the way because I most certainly have. Taking what I’ve learned to make each project better than the last one will always be an ongoing process for me. The planned release date for the book in which these pattens will appear is next February.

While I can’t share any pictures of these projects yet I can tell you that my first project for DRG will be “available” to the public soon. Yeah! According to the editor the book in which my design will appear is supposed to be released this month.¬†!!!!

So what else have I been up to? Well, a couple of weeks ago DH & I made the trip to Mesa, AZ to get my SIL. So now we have another person in our little household. We’ve always known that the day would come for her to come live with us. She is disabled you see – from birth when her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck causing brain damage from lack of oxgyen. She is also one of the sweetest persons I have ever known. Do we have some challenges to overcome? Of course – this is a new adventure for all of us. But we’ll meet each one head on and prevail. My MIL would be proud and I’m sure she’s watching over us.

Our trip to bring Sue home with us was quite a whirlwind. A straight through drive there, a day to pack everything up, another day to load the U-Haul and then a straight through drive home. Beating the coming snow storm was major motivation. Here’s a couple of photos taken 1. right after the storm & some shoveling, and 2. just a few days later when DH (John) & Sue made some more bluebird boxes. Sue loves animals – especially birds.

suzie-snow-041909 sue-john042409

It’s amazing how fast the snow melted. I’m really hoping it was the last snow of the season – lol. The dogs in the first photo are AJ on Sue’s right, Prilly on her left and Darby making her way across the top of the snow. It’s a good thing Darby is so small & didn’t sink in too much – the snow was deeper than she is tall.

To wind this post up……..have you Played Yarn Dash yet? If not you should – it’s fun! I’m participating in the May Dash¬† – “Sticks & Strings”. This time I’ve also partnered with Debbie of Dodge Creations to offer the first ever Dash KAL kit. Debbie has chosen some wonderful “Squooshy” yarn to go with my Springtime Socks pattern. Be sure to visit both our sites for more info.

Hope all is well with all of you………Cheers!


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