Wouldn’t ya know it……….

Wouldn’t ya know it……….

the Fir Cone stitch pattern simply refused to be part of the third RMTA shawl! And I so love this stitch pattern. Anyhow, with a repeat of 12 rows & 10 sts it did not fit the shaping increases for the shawl. And using repeats of 16 rows completely refused to reveal the undulating curves I love. Even changing needle size didn’t help.

So ok, after several attempts at recharting & asking what if I do this, what if I do that (I lost count), I finally came up with a pattern I like. It sort of looks like the end of a fir bough. DH of course sees aliens – like he sees R2D2 in my first attempt at designing a stranded sweater. He just won’t admit he’s a SciFi fan, l0l.

Anyhow, I like the pattern and have 4 repeats (of 12 rows)┬áto go to the border section. Of course, I’m still working the border part out but it’s coming together so I am still on track to be done on time. Next post – pictures of all the finished shawls!

Later, Jean

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