What a month…..

What a month…..

this December has turned out to be! Busy, fun, exciting, frustrating, cold and beautiful.

Most of my energy this month, and DH’s, went toward finding that happy middle ground between tempering my SIL’s enthusiasm for Christmas and while celebrating it. This year has been one of learning how to live with a developmentally disabled person – my SIL – while still trying to live our normal lives. It’s a challenge for sure – for her, learning to adapt to a pretty chaotic household and for us, trying to be more scheduled & routine.

This month I finished my last contract pattern for this year and sent it off. And I made my deadline of the 15th. In my humble opinion this design can out beautifully and the yarn is wonderful. I’ll be able to share more when the publisher releases it.

I’ve also been doing some stash busting and making cowls for my staff at the office and for friends. Here’s one I did for a friend…..

You’ll notice this one is crocheted. What do you think? We are meeting our friends for dinner tomorrow night & I can’t wait to see her open this. I may overdye it tonight with red – I think that would be very pretty.

Then I’ve dealt with extreme cold causing all kinds of problems at my day job- broken water pipes, security alarms going off, HVAC systems not able to keep up & more – for the different properties managed by the company I work for. And this week one building was broken into in the wee hours of the morning. Guess who’s name is first on the emergency call list…yep – mine. Guess who had to go meet the police on site…yep – me. Thankfully DH went with me since it was still very dark out and he knows this building well. Unfortunately I had to call our maintenance tech to come help clean up, after he’d been up most of the night cleaning up a sewer problem at one of the retail centers we manage. Poor fellow. Commercial property management can be frustrating at times.

But, somehow everything came together and today we are spending a wonderful Christmas Day together – me, DH, DS & SIL. Snow is on the ground for a beautiful white Christmas. Presents were opened last night with great fun. Everyone received some wonderful gifts and today we’re relaxing and ‘playing’ with our new ‘toys’. The Spritz are cooling and the turkey is in the oven. So let me leave you with this today – my MIL’s Spritz recipe – it is the best ever. Be sure to make plenty………

Swedish Spritz – makes approx 4 dozen – you do need a cookie press to make these – I use an old hand crank one, nothing fancy.

1 cup shortening (butter is best)

2/3 cup sugar

3 egg yolks

3/4 tsp almond extract

2 – 2 1/4 cup sifted flour

Cream together shortening & sugar. Beat in egg yolks & almond extract. Gradually blend in 2 cups flour, adding extra 1/4 cup a little at a time if necessary. Using the star plate (or any plate you like) press onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 375 deg for 8 – 10 min, until just starting to brown on the edges. Place cookies on racks to cool, ice as desired.

Cheers! Jean

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