Well, here we are-over a month since my last post…

Well, here we are-over a month since my last post…

where does the time go? It has been a pretty busy month so I guess that’s the answer. So what have I been up to…let’s see……

I’m taking Shannon Okey‘s online Designer class, which is great! We started with style sheets and I now have a beautiful new one. The first pattern to be published with this new format will be a sock pattern. I think you’ll like this one-simple with texture & perfect for men or women. Here’s a couple of preview photos…

All this reworking of my style sheet lead to a new logo……….

and some changes to my website and this blog. Much better I think, and I learned how to do an html table in the sidebar~yea. Comments are welcome 🙂 (Now I just have to get everything updated where my logo appears.)

On the design submission side, things are going pretty well. I have three recent acceptances that I’m working on. Each is quite different from the others, and all are fun to knit designs. Everything is secret at this point though.

One of my designs that has been under wraps is now released! Yea!! It’s “Serene” and it’s in DRG’s new book~The Perfect Finish. The book is now available for download or in paperback from Annie’s Attic.com. This book is full of great information from casting on to seaming to decorative elements. Not only is “Serene” in this book (1 of only 5 patterns), my first two knitting articles are in the book too! I hope you enjoy “The Art of Short Rows”, “Full Fashioned Elements” and “Serene”…… (although the top is modeled really nicely in the book, they don’t show that back..so here it is for you.)

More sweet and fun news about “Serene” ~ it looks like Mission Falls may be keeping the top to display, along with the book, in their booth at the Jan 2011 TNNA show. Cool…:)

Then there is the web design I did for a friend. We have a bit of verbiage updating to do, since 1. I don’t know his business very well, and 2. the language I used from his old site is..well, old. He likes the overall design so as soon as we’ve fixed the descriptions of what he does, and I have the site up on his web host..I’ll link it for you.

As always, there is working my day jobs, taking care of my SIL, the dogs and goats. And we got a 4th goat-3 months old. He’s cute. We’re calling him Panton.

Now that this ‘quick’ post has turned nearly into a long letter, I’ll say Cheers! and sign off for now.


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  • KathleenC
    Posted at 14:05h, 09 August

    What a lovely sweater! May I ask what the sizing options are?

    • drdesigns
      Posted at 17:58h, 09 August

      Thank you for the compliment Kathleen. The finished sizes for Serene are 30 (33, 37 3/4, 40 1/4, 45 1/4). Hope that is helpful 🙂 Jean