We’ve had a face lift!

We’ve had a face lift!

How do you like the new look? I’ve been promising for awhile to update my site to something more “classy”, a bit more polished, and with features that make my site much more interactive and easy to navigate.

Some of the features I think you’ll really like are:

Accounts ~ You can create an account, log in/out, review your past orders & access PDF downloads (limit to 3 times) anytime you want, update your mailing address or contact information. (Just an FYI – if you need to download a PDF more than 3 times, I would like to know, especially if you have encountered a problem. That’s why I set a limit.)

Search for Products ~ Using the “Search Products” feature, you can easily find patterns that match the features you’re looking for.

Product Reviews ~ Like a pattern really well? Leave a review – let the world know. Of course, you can leave a review if you don’t like a pattern, but I really like good reviews. ♥ And if you have a problem with a pattern, or the site…..

Contact Us Form ~ Now you can send me information through the “Contact Us Form”, found under the “About DRD” menu item. Ask questions, give feedback ~ anything you think is important enough for you to get in touch with me about.

Newsletter Subscribe ~ Subscribe to my newsletter from any page (except the Home page). No need to find the right place once you’ve decided to sign up ~ just look to your right.

Each tutorial I’ve blogged about recently will be accessible on the “Tutorials” page. And I’ll be importing content from my original blog so you’ll still have access to those older posts.

I invite you to leave any comments or suggestions, and let me know what you think of my “new” site.

Happy Knitting!


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