We have the cutest…..

We have the cutest…..

The last couple of weeks we’ve been busy with Thanksgiving, of course; then getting back on track after being sick – uggh; and making changes in our ‘goat family’.

Unfortunately, one goat had to go back to the breeder. He was a sweet guy to us, but as a bottle fed & then continually spoiled fellow he was not so nice to our other goats. Making this decision was really hard and we agonized over it for a couple of weeks. In the end, I think we made the right decision.

We also brought in some ‘new’ goats – two sets of the cutest, younger twins and a friendly boy nearly two yrs old. So our little herd now numbers 7 and they are getting along wonderfully! Let’s show you some pictures….

Now, getting good photos of our ‘boys’ can be interesting since when they see us they all come to us, and we end up with photos of heads looking up at us – like the one of Mic & Matesse. It’s fun to try though.

And the peace both in and out of the barn is wonderful! These guys all get along great. The older ones are looking out for the younger ones – it’s beautiful.

Now, you may be asking why a fiber person has non-fiber goats? All our fellows are Myotonic, or ‘fainting’ goats, which is the breed DH really wanted. But..two are also what they call “silkies” (1 is full & 1 is half silkie) and if we can get them used to being combed – I may have some spinable fiber. We’ll see. In any case, these guys are really sweet and very entertaining.

Just about light enough now to go let them out of the barn and feed them. (Since losing Penton we make sure they are all secured in the barn at night.) Hope you have enjoyed reading about our little herd. :)

Cheers! Jean

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