We finally watched…..

We finally watched…..

“Marley & Me” last night. Spoiler here if you haven’t seen it yet! It’s way to sad, to close to home. As pet lovers/owners it’s hard for us when it’s time for one of our animals to pass on – whether it’s accidental like our Sarah kitty who for reasons unknown was in the engine compartment of DH’s car or an illness that just won’t respond to treatment like our Whizzer kitty or Ossa cattle dog, or just old age like our Percy whippet. We get so attached…they are part of our family.

And yet at the same time the movie is sad it’s an excellent portrait of a family and real life….the good & the bad.


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  • Leslie
    Posted at 11:25h, 08 June

    I read the book in anticipation of seeing the movie and cried like a baby. It was too close to home for me as well.

    If you like this sort of story, do read Dewey, about the library cat.

    • drdesigns
      Posted at 16:02h, 08 June

      Maybe after a while – we only lost our Whizzer kitty a couple of months ago. The heart is still pretty tender, I still miss him.