Trial is over……….

Trial is over……….

After 5 1/2 days of testimony, and a full day of deliberations, we – the jurors – found the defendant guilty as charged of reckless manslaughter. Overall this trial did not last long and I know there are cases that take much longer to decide than we did, but I am glad the process is over. While I learned a lot through this experience it is difficult to hear about and see photographs of what a person is capable of doing to another. And I am amazed at the rational people use for their actions. In this case, the defendant’s friends testimony did not match up with the behavior & actions surrounding the shooting the defendant was on trial for. The DA did prove his case beyond reasonable doubt. In many ways it’s also sad, one person lost their life and another now has serious consequences – and both were/are under 25 years old.

Now I am looking forward to getting back to my knitting, submissions & getting patterns written up. I have one more submission to get done & into the publisher’s hands, by Friday and then it’s back to pattern writing. I also have to get my ads for Ravelry done. As usual I am “playing” with the ads with an eye toward improving them. Hopefully improved ads is what I end up with. There are also some new photographs to be taken of a project. I could go on and on, but won’t. Today is catch up day so I need to get busy catching up 🙂

Cheers! Jean

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