Today we remember….

blackened trees along hodgen rd

Today we remember….

One year ago today, a fire began that eventually covered 14,280 acres – and came to within 1 1/2 miles of my home (a pretty small distance when a fire is spreading quickly). June 11 – 20, 2013 were the most stressful days I’ve ever experienced.

The stats:

  • 489 homes destroyed
  • 37 homes damaged
  • unknown number of outbuildings destroyed or damaged
  • 38,000+ residents evacuated
  • unknown number of animals, horses & other livestock affected
  • insured damage estimated at $420.5 million
  • and we remember the 2 lives that were lost on June 13th

blackened trees along hodgen rdThe aftermath:

  • acres & acres of blackened, dead trees
  • flash flooding in the burned scar area when heavy rains come
  • 47 homes rebuilt
  • 152 homes being rebuilt
  • our vet has a new home across the street from where their old office stood
  • neighbors who had never met are now friends
  • and there is the promised of renewal & regrowth among the burned & blackened trees (photo taken along Hodgen Rd)

Today ~ we remember the 2 lives lost & pray for them, while reflecting on the effect this fire had on us, our neighbors and our friends. Our property has been mitigated and the goats keep the pasture well trimmed. All our important documents have been scanned and backed up online. We know what to take and what would be left if we are ever under another evacuation order.

And most of all, we are thankful for the snow and rain that have helped reduce the dry conditions that allowed the Black Forest fire to get out of control so fast.

Information about the fire and the investigation can be read through any of these links:

Gazette article/investigation report on the Black Forest fire

Denver Post article 1 yr after the Black Forest fire

InciWeb Incident Report – last update June 24, 2013

May you never have this experience ~ Jean



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