Three Stitches from One….

Three Stitches from One….

When we think of increases, we usually think of making one extra stitch or replacing a decreased stitch. How often do we think of making multiple increases in a single stitch? Or how to do that? The most common multiple increase is to make three stitches from one stitch….let’s look at one decorative way of doing this.

As you can see in the photos, this increase creates an visible increase line with eyelets on either side. The size of the eyelet depends on the yarn & needles used.

This increase can be used in lace patterns or any pattern where an eyelet is appropriate. This increase looks best when used every other row, or when there are more rows between each increase row. It is not a good choice for increases made every row.

The Yarn Over Double Increase is easy to do and easily mastered by an intermediate knitter. Have fun giving this technique a try! Here is a printable PDF for your knitting bag…..Yarn Over Double Increase.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean

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