The Twists and Turns of Life….

The Twists and Turns of Life….

can lead one in unexpected directions. Last year, for me it meant my SIL coming to live with us, and learning how to live & interact with a retarded person.

This year, it’s meant a job change for me – that also impacted the ownership of my DH’s company. What you say? Yes, at the end of January I was laid off my job because the boss’ wife needed a job. Ok, it’s their company – I understand the need for income, especially in today’s economy. And I replaced that job within a week with two part time jobs. One is working in another commercial real estate office 4 days/7 hrs a week. The other is doing the accounting for a local sport group, which I do at home. So I have more time at home with my SIL, which is a good thing. And I am still doing my knitting designs, another good thing.

The unusual thing about the job I was laid off from is that the owners of that company were also my husband’s business partners. When I was told I was being laid off, I was also told they were going to give up their interest in my DH’s company – allowing him to be the sole owner. Ok, I get that it’s pretty awkward to lay someone off and remain business partners with that person’s spouse.

What I didn’t get is why it took 5 months for them to understand that in order to “settle” the books – they had to get all payments made for the work through the settlement date that DH had done at properties these guys manage. Distribute funds based on work billed for but not paid? I don’t think so.

Anyhow, my point finally got across and everything is finally settled and the paperwork done. DH is now the sole owner of his company! If you live in the Colorado Springs area and need commercial HVAC service, be sure to call him (info at And I can get on to spending my time on other things – yea!

Cheers! Jean

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  • Leslie B.
    Posted at 18:39h, 07 June

    Wow, lot’s of interesting things occurring to you and yours. So it’s working out having your SIL living with you, then?

    • drdesigns
      Posted at 18:59h, 07 June

      We’ve had our moments but all in all things are going fairly well. I just have to remember that she really is more a child, in a 69 yr old body, and not expect adult behaviors.