What Is A Tech Editor?

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What Is A Tech Editor?

Have you ever wondered what it means when a designer promotes their patterns as being “professionally tech edited”? Does it mean something special? Yes, it means the designer has taken the time to have a Tech Editor review their pattern to help make sure it is clear, easy to follow, does not contain errors, and following the instructions will result in a project that looks like the pattern photos.

If you’re a designer, using a professional tech editor helps you make sure your clients will be happy with your patterns. If you’re a knitter or crocheter, a tech edited pattern helps you enjoy creating the project.

So you might be wondering who are these tech editors? Well, over the next several months I’ll introduce you to some. They are people like you and me who enjoy knitting and/or crochet. Some are indie dyers. Overall though, they all have a passion for helping designers produce patterns they can be proud of and crafters will enjoy using.

tabatha thomas tech editing series 28april2018Linda B. (aka Tabatha Thomas) has 50 yrs knitting and crochet experience. Along with providing a full range of tech editing services, she teaches and hosts a “Knitting Surgery” at herĀ Knit and Natter Group. Linda worked for years as a bookkeeper so she is really comfortable with spreadsheets and numbers.

Linda is based in the UK but works with designers across the world. Her services run from checking consistency with the designer’s style sheet, to checking all the math, to pattern flow and more. She also helps designers with charts and schematics. She loves tech editing because she enjoys helping designers perfect their patterns. And being a “TE” allows her to using her math skills while working for herself.

Linda is on my list of TE’s to use for my own patterns or refer other designers to when I either don’t have time in my schedule or need another TE’s review.

A fun fact about Linda – she loves to cook, especially baking. I think I need to visit her…….

Happy Crafting! ~ Jean

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