A Tech Editor for Knit or Crochet…

A Tech Editor for Knit or Crochet…

josephine kush tech editor for knit or crochetContinuing my series about tech editors ~ meet Josephine K, tech editor for knit or crochet. She has an interesting background in Biocontainment Level 3 doing rabies diagnostic testing for western Canada. A very detailed mind indeed.

Josephine is another editor with 50+ years experience in knitting and crochet, so she’s familiar with many techniques. This helps a tech editor understand their client’s pattern and what the pattern needs in order to be a great pattern. In Josephine’s words, she loves tech editing because:

(The) privilege of providing a service so that designers are able to introduce their creations in their best polished version while doing what I have always enjoyed – numbers.

Josephine edits patterns using either UK or US terminology, knit or crochet. She is based in Alberta, Canada where she can spend her free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains. And she has an Australian Cattle dog! (I’ve had two, they are great dogs even though they shed a lot).

While Josephine and I provide nearly the same tech editing services, we help our clients in our own unique way. If one of us cannot help you, it’s a good bet the other one can.

Enjoy! ~ Jean

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