Sweet day yesterday……….

Sweet day yesterday……….

as DH & I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. It was snowing hard when it was time to leave for work so I rode in with DH. He had a pretty light day so when his work was done I skipped out early and we headed home. After stopping at Dick’s Famous Bar-b-que for a late lunch/early dinner we stopped and picked up a new mouse to replace the other new mouse that already broke (there shouldn’t be any rattling inside a mouse).

Got home, connected the mouse and nooooooo…..the monitor display went wacky – really wacky. So I checked everything I could to no avail – but I haven’t a way to check the video card and motherboard. Time to unhook everything and take the tower down to the PC store where they checked and it turned out to just be the card. I was so worried the motherboard may have gone since this system is getting pretty old in terms of computer years.

Within minutes the tech had the old card out, new card in and we were on our way back home. And it turns out the video card that went wacky has a lifetime warranty so I’ll be following up on that today. Thank you DS for choosing a lifetime warranty card when you decided the original card wasn’t good enough.

The “sweet” ending to all this? DH is helping me create the new maps for RMTA and since the computer is working great now he’ll have the patience to do it 🙂 His tolerance for a finicky computer is zero, none, nada. So while I am knitting, and I’ve got a lot to do in a short time, DH will be busy helping me with RMTA…..yea!

All is right in our world again – today will be a good day!

Cheers! Jean

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