“Stretch” your knitting skills with this cast-on…

“Stretch” your knitting skills with this cast-on…

Do you sometimes find that your cast-on is tighter than you like? Or you are knitting a project that needs a really stretchy edge? Consider the “German Twisted Cast-On”. You may have also heard of this cast-on as the “Norwegian Cast-On”, either name is correct.

The steps for this cast-on are basically the same as the standard long tail cast-on, with the addition of adding a twist in the yarn while casting on. It’s that twist that provides a bit of extra yarn for each stitch and makes this cast-on stretchy.

Here’s a visual look at working the “German Twisted Cast-On”…….

You’ll find that as you practice this cast-on, you will develop a rhythm and all your stitches will be cast on before you know it! I find this cast-on very useful for socks worked cuff down, sweater hems and¬†sleeve cuffs worked bottom up,¬†and necklines worked top down. It works pretty much for any project that you don’t want a tight cast-on for.

Be sure to give the German Twisted Cast-On a try. It’s a skill you’ll be glad to have in your knitting ‘tool’ bag. Here is a printable PDF for your knitting bag… “German Twisted Cast-On”.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean


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