Socks….and shoes….

Socks….and shoes….

In my last post, we talked about the Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale ~ which is a great way to add to your ‘knitting library’. I must confess I am a bookaholic. I love books. And not just knitting books ~ crochet books are always on my list as are novels, non-fiction and ‘how to’ books. The invention of electronic readers was a wonderful thing – I can have more books without worrying about bookshelf space! (Personally I have a NOOK.)

Anyhow, today I wanted to share another book with you. It’s a new knitting book about knitting socks to fit your feet. Which is probably the major reason knitters knit socks. Having fun and/or beautiful socks is another.

Now, all the designs in this  book are beautiful. But I have to tell you ~ what I want more than the book ~ are the shoes. Yep – I love these shoes! And I’m not really a shoe person. One pair of tennis shoes, one pair of dress shoes, a couple pairs of hiking boots (I wear these a lot) ~ you get the idea. I think these shoes are just as beautiful as the socks!

The book is “Big Foot Knits”, and is geared toward socks for larger feet. The information on customizing socks to fit your own feet is applicable to all foot sizes though. Here’s a look at some of the shoes ~ um, sock patterns ~ you’ll find in “Big Foot Knits”. The book is published by Cooperative Press, and they get the credit for these gorgeous photos. The sock designs are by Andi Smith.

So….enjoy your feet!

Happy Knitting ~ Jean





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