Projects done…time to refresh, renew…….

Projects done…time to refresh, renew…….

and get organized! I got my 3rd project for DRG done, a week late…and with lots of communication with my editor I think all will be fine. All three projects turned out well – I’m happy with them. And as my editor tells me – no news from the tech editor is good news – so I’m optimistic that all my hard work shows. Three projects from start to finish in 2 mos was quite the challenge, with working full time & dealing with household changes. I learned that I need a wee bit more time per project – at least until I can design full time 🙂

This weekend I’ve been doing some regrouping. The web site for RMTA needed work and I’m just about done with that. Photo galleries needed configured, photos uploaded and there is some membership tasks to finish. Definitely a change of pace from knitting. I am  working on a simple scarf for my SIL – garter stitch w/novelty yarn – using the time waiting for files to upload. Mindless knitting. Using yarn a friend talked me into buying a few year ago. I don’t like novelty yarn – this yarn isn’t changing my mind. SIL likes it though.

At the moment I don’t have any photos to show you of works in progress (WIP). On the needles are a Darling Darby Sweater for K9knittersUSA, a new pattern for Wooly Wonka Fibers (hope to be done this one by the end of June), a vest for DH and some other smaller projects. Maybe this week I can get some photos taken of these projects. And then I’ve got several things sketched out to be swatched. Some will become submissions to publications and some will be self-published.

I trust everyone is having a great month, weekend & Sunday 🙂 Spring is finally here and summer isn’t far behind. I’m loving it!

Cheers, Jean

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