Oh brother – this swatch isn’t working…………..

Oh brother – this swatch isn’t working…………..

Well, it seems that I’m having one of those times when the garment construction I picture in my head simply won’t show itself in my test. Uggh. I have a submission in mind for a particular garment with a twist on the usual manner in which this particular item is constructed – and I know what I’m thinking of can be done. My fingers, the needles & yarn just don’t want to cooperate right now. Since I’m up against a deadline for the submission to be in, I am giving myself today to work it out. Otherwise this particular idea will have to go on the ‘back burner’ for further stewing while I prepare the other submissions I want to get in this month. While I can’t show any pictures of these ideas yet I do hope to get some taken that I can post here of designs that I am working on for self publishing.

Prioritizing projects is becoming more important everyday now. As I really focus on what I want to do with my designs & whether I self publish or submit to publishers – knowing what I’ve got at what stage will make a world of difference in what I am able to accomplish. (It would help too if this cat would find someplace else to lay besides my lap & arm right now – I’m having a hard time typing.) I’ve been making a list of every single project I have and all the related details, and discovered that I’ve got more than I realized! Next will be my stash, by weight & color & quantity. Right now my stash is ‘organized’ in hanging shelves in a spare closet.

My day off last week was pretty productive so I’m hoping the 4 day/10hr schedule will work in the long run for my day job. DH is off playing at his summer hobby – slot cars – so I have some quiet time today to go work on my knitting.

Here’s a couple older pictures of the ‘arm weight’ I’m dealing with just now – a very sweet Siamese, my son’s cat Whizzer. We got Whiz when DS was about 12 yrs old, he’s now 27 so Whizzer is about 15 yrs old. He’s raised every dog we’ve brought home after Whizzer and is amazingly patient with them, even now. Of course the dogs do respect him since he will use his claws if they get too rough with him.

Whizzer with Aprilia - in kitty bed on top of crate

Whizzer & Merlin at nap time

‘Tis the life……………………

Cheers! Jean

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