Observed Trials………

Observed Trials………

Today I have just a quick post – wanted to show you what we’re doing when I talk about RMTA and Observed Motorcycle Trials. These pictures were taken this past Sunday at Turkey Rock, CO.


These first two are DH, he finished 2nd in his class at this event. This year he’s competing at the intermediate level.


Did you see the two “observers” in the pictures of DH? Here they are competing. For most Observed Trials events in the US, everyone is dependent on each other for a successful event. The “upper” class riders observe (score) for the “lower or support” class riders and visa-versa. And yes, the person in the picture on the right is a girl :) She’s in the advanced class and the young man is in our champ class.

So there you have it – a quick peek at motorcycle trials. The oldest form of motorcycle competition and the only one that doesn’t involve speed. As you can see it’s balance, control & skill to make it thru each marked section without putting your feet down.

Off to start my day now…………………………

Cheers! Jean

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