Nature’s treats & knitting things………….

Nature’s treats & knitting things………….

Well, now that I’m back from the Memorial Day Holiday vacation – did everyone have a good holiday & celebrate in your own way? I hope so. My dear Husband, Son & I all attended and worked at an Observed Motorcycle Trials event hosted by the club we are members of. A great time was had by all.

Before talking about knitting I want to share a special experience DH & I have every year about this time. In the wee hours of the morning we hear a family of foxes – yipping & chortling for 10 to 20 minutes. I don’t know if the dam is bringing food to her kits or they are just out of their den playing, we can’t see them from our windows. This morning was the first morning this year that I’ve heard the foxes. For us this is one of Mother Nature’s special treats and we know summer is not far off when we start hearing them. Over the next few weeks we’ll hear them most mornings and then they are silent again. One day I hope to see them as I know the den isn’t far, just one parcel over from us. And maybe, if I’m lucky, someday I’ll have pictures to share.

Before the holiday I told you I’d be thinking of whether to put instructions for seaming or seamless joining for my leg warmers pattern. Luise O’ seemed to be reading my mind and suggested putting both directions in the pattern. This is something I thought a lot about over the weekend and it makes sense. This way, beginning knitters will be able to complete the leg warmers easily while having the option to learn another skill. The best of both worlds! So on to getting this pattern writing done, off the the test knitter and in your hands soon.

Another nice surprise the weekend brought was pictures from the RMTA banquet last January – including pictures of the 2007 award sweater I designed & knitted, on the recipient. Well, really the pictures were brought by the person who took them, not the ‘weekend’. 🙂 So without further ado (and with permission)……… is the RMTA award sweater for 2007……………………

Front view - Bill's sweater

Back view - Bill's sweater

For this sweater I used the reverse raglan sleeve ‘unvented’ by EZ. I charted what hopefully looks like a ram’s head (our club’s symbol) for the design around the body. In a tribute to Annie I included her name on Bill’s sweater – he was thrilled. The overall design is a deep v-neck with lapel collar for wearing around the house or cool fall/spring days. The front hem really is even although Bill’s stance makes it look uneven. Using Lamb’s Pride Bulky made for a quick knit and I think makes for a very comfortable garment. What do you think?

This is all I have for you today. After a fun but hectic weekend I need to rest my brain. I’ll be chatting again this weekend……………..

Cheers! Jean

(Oh boy – I do need a brain rest – edited for tags, etc. 🙂

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