On knitting – now that “A Danser” is released I’m thinking about what is next. I should be receiving the yarn soon for my project “to be published” – can’t wait to do this one. And then there are the patterns I am working on for the independent dyers. These will be released through their respective web sites. I also have a top with matching shawl, started awhile back, that I can pick up & finish, and a vest or a shell top or another pair of socks. So many ideas! And DH is wanting to know when he’ll have more socks – his socks are my “take along” project. I started a pair only to rip, rip, rip because I didn’t like the way the stitch pattern was looking with the yarn he chose, which is Opal Rendez-vous. This yarn needs something simpler. The stitch I chose will look better with a variegated or hand painted. And a special project for a friend of mine, promised before fall. And I can’t leave out the special RMTA project(s) – yes multiple ones this year to be done by Christmas. I need more knitting time.

On puppy dogs – I learned yesterday that dogs can catch strep throat from people. My little Aprilia was up much of the night before with symptoms like she couldn’t swallow something. The vet says her throat is quite red and sore with her tonsils and neck lymph nodes swollen. Apparently the cause could also be a severe allergy but the vet is treating as if strep is the problem. So, we’re giving medications twice a day for 10 days.

On the day job – what can I say. Go to work, try to get everything done and go home. Repeat the next day, and the next day and the next day. At least I am starting to get caught up some since we hired part-time help and my tasks are varied enough that it’s not boring.

Well, that’s probably enough musing for one day. I’ll leave you to some musing of your own. :)

Cheers! Jean

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