Just knitting along……

Just knitting along……

working on one of my three projects for DRG. The yarn for this first project arrived last Thursday – I really like this yarn. Have you ever done a project that you just didn’t want to put down, just wanted to keep on knitting? This project is like that for me – I just want to get to the end to see the finished item!

Since this is a sample I am taking time to make sure I’m getting everything just right. And making sure I am correctly noting eveything I’m doing so the final written pattern will be right. I can not knit in front of my computer writing the pattern as I go, so I make very detailed notes to transcribe from. So far the project is going quite well and I’m pleased with it.

What else have I got in my knitting bag? Let’s see, we’re starting a KAL for Celtic Cabled Slipover next week – that will be fun. And I have my questions prepared for my interview with Donna Druchunas – don’t forget to stop by on April 3rd to “hear” Donna’s interview. Just need to get my questions emailed to Donna tonight.

Then my design for Wooly Wonka is coming along – loving this project too. And I’ve also got a Darling Darby Sweater in progress for K9knittersUSA. This sweater will go to the Greyhound Rescue Conference with K9knittersUSA in June. I break my knitting into parts of  the day – in the morning before work is my Wooly Wonka project, at lunch is the sweater for K9knittersUSA and after work/dinner is my DRG project. This system is working for me so as long as it does I’ll  keep it. I also keep it flexible so that if a project needs more attention I can give it.

And my break at work is when I’m writing here and since break is over I must go.

Cheers to all – Jean

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