I’ve been called for jury duty…………….

I’ve been called for jury duty…………….

This past week has been quite the experience – I’ve been called for and assigned to a jury. The whole selection process was interesting. Everyone reported to the courthouse and checked in. If your name was called you took your juror information sheet up to the counter and then waited. A couple of people were dismissed immediately from our group with the rest of us taken up to the courtroom. We were all seated in assigned places – some of us in the jury box and some in the gallery. Both the DA and defense attorney had questions they addressed to the group in general. They also engaged some people in more direct conversation. Not at all the individual questioning so often depicted in movies & tv programs. Then the DA and defense dismissed people until there were 13 left in the group. I’m one of the 13.

Since this case is still in process I can’t discuss any particulars. As jurors we find all kinds of other topics to keep us entertained on breaks and lunch. Last week we were solving the city’s budget problems – they’ve reduced the level of janitorial service for the courthouse. Today we report back at 8:30 am. If we want a parking space we need to be there by 7:30 am. Luckily the office I work at is within walking distance so I can park there if there are no spots in the jury parking lot.

I must admit that being chosen for a jury threw me for a loop at first. While the DA told us to expect to be serving for five days no one knows for sure if it will go longer. Since we had last Thursday off I went to my day job and worked hard to get as much done as I could. There will still be work to catch up on when I am done with jury duty. I considered going in this weekend but since it was Father’s Day I didn’t.

On the knitting front I’ve been able to finish and get two submissions off on time. The security staff at the courthouse has been allowing me to enter with my 16″ circulars, which work well for swatches. Breaks and lunches have provided the knitting time. I’m pretty excited and happy with the designs I’ve submitted – hopefully the publishers will be too. I’ve got two submissions left to complete and then it’s back to getting the patterns I plan to self publish done.

This morning is going by quickly already so I must go now. You all take care and I will be back later this week.

Cheers! Jean

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