It’s a new day……..

It’s a new day……..

the “Sweet Summer Knitting” blog tour is over – thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit. Hope you all enjoyed the tour & the apple crisp 🙂

So now what..well, it’s business as usual. Get up & do web work or design work or bookkeeping for DH’s business before it’s time to go to the day job, go spend 8 hrs doing commercial property management stuff, come home, fix dinner, clean up, more knitting. In between – love DH, SIL & pets.

This week I’m working on more submissions and a new pattern that will be introduced exclusively through Sandra provided the yarn for this one – Schaefer’s “Susan”, a 100% mercerized cotton. I must say I love this yarn. And my design for Wooly Wonka is getting closer to completion. Thank you Anne for being so patient!

Other than that…it’s life as usual here. I am wondering why I haven’t heard the fox kits yet this year – is the den not in use or were the kits born late? Don’t know. Never thought I’d miss being woken up at 2 am hearing all their yipping though. It’s like something is missing from nature.

Hope your summer has been good so far!

Cheers – Jean

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