Goings on…………………

Goings on…………………

Boy, it’s been a week since I last posted and a busy one at that. There is much I want to do with my designing and it all takes time. June is a month of submissions for me – I’ve got six outlined that I’ve been working on. One went off this past Tuesday and the next one needs to go no later than tomorrow. Right now I can’t give you any details on any of these and I must be patient while waiting to find out if my designs are chosen for publication. Wish me luck 🙂

On a somewhat related side note, at my day job (yep I’ve got one of those corporate jobs) a couple of us are testing a 4 day/10 hr week. If it all works out I’ll have a full weekday at home to keep up on the books for my DH small business and to focus on my designing & actual knitting. Today is my first weekday at home – yeah! It also means I need to go be productive now.

Hope you all enjoy whatever your day brings –

Cheers! Jean

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