Fellow Knitter Needs Suggestions…..

Fellow Knitter Needs Suggestions…..

Update 03/10/13 ~ Rebecca tells me that she has solved the problem with a simple change in how she was working the ssk, and she’s now happily knitting along on her sweater. Yea! 

I am still interested in hearing from my readers though with any tips or tricks you use for attaching a border to your knitting. Let’s share some thoughts. 🙂


I received an email yesterday from a fellow knitter who is working on my Turned Cable Cardigan design (knit.wear Fall 2012), and has a question about how to attach the cable trim to get the result she is looking for. This seems like a question that I know some of my readers will have great suggestions for. Here’s her question:

Turned Cable Cardigan front view“I am working on your pattern, Turned Cable Cardigan from KnitWear, Fall, 2012. I simply cannot find a way to join the cable to the main body of the sweater using the ssk directions. It looks bulky and nothing like the attached row on the front of the sweater. I have talked to other knitters and we can’t figure out what else to do. I just now tried picking up the stitch from behind the second stitch to make the joining area somewhat recessed behind the row of stitches on the body. Still doesn’t look right. Any suggestions? Please help; my yarn is getting frayed from so much unraveling. Many thanks. Rebecca”

When a designer sells a design to a publisher, the publisher has the freedom to and sometimes edits or changes the instructions from what the designer originally submitted. In this case, Interweave printed the directions for attaching the cable trim exactly as I wrote them – which is the technique I used to attach the trim for the sample.

I have emailed her with a couple of ideas, but I’d love to hear what my readers think. So fellow knitters ~ what advice or suggestions do you have for our friend Rebecca?

Happy Knitting! ~ Jean

  • Susan
    Posted at 16:30h, 19 May

    I would also be interested in the suggestions for the attachment of the cable trim if you could send them to me too
    thank you!

    • desertroseknits
      Posted at 06:32h, 20 May

      Hi Susan ~ Yes, the I-cord is worked until the armhole shaping is completed. And on attaching the trim, make sure your yarn is at the back when you pick up sts along the cardigan edge. You might also try picking up the st, then just lift the slipped st over the picked up st & off the needle, rather than picking up a st and working SSK with the slipped & picked up sts. This results in a flatter join so you won’t get quite the outline definition of the trim as shown in the design, but some folks like this method better. I’d love to see a photo of your finished “Turned Cable Cardigan”! ~ Jean

  • Susan
    Posted at 16:28h, 19 May

    I have another question about the Turned-Cable sweater. On the left front, is the Row 1 (WS) continued after the armhole shaping?