How do I receive my PDF pattern?

Once you have completed the checkout process you will receive a Purchase Confirmation email. This email contains the link(s) to download your purchased pattern(s). To ensure you receive your email, make sure you enter your email address correctly during the checkout process and add “@desertrosefiberarts.com” to your email white list.


You can also access your pattern(s) through the My Account page here, providing you have created an account. 


If you do not receive your Purchase Confirmation mail, or cannot access your account, please contact me for assistance.


Why do you need my address if I’m only buying a PDF pattern (digital product)?

The State of Colorado, along with many other states, requires sellers to collect “destination” sales tax on both tangible and digital products. That means I may need to remit sales tax to the taxing authority for your location. In order to do that, I need to know where you are located. An averaged sales tax is included in my pattern fees.
Note: At this time the US does not have any treaties with any foreign countries, requiring US based sellers to collect & remit VAT, so I do not charge VAT on any sales. This is subject to change should the US enter any VAT treaties. My business is wholly based in the US, including the server this website is hosted on.


Do you provide pattern support?

Yes, I provide support for patterns purchased or obtained (free patterns) through one of my authorized venues. If you purchased my design through a magazine or publisher’s online store, they will provide pattern support for you.


I do not provide support for patterns purchased from unauthorized venues. Sites which require uploading of documents in order to earn points, badges, or similar rewards with which to purchase other documents are NOT authorized venues for my patterns. Uploading any of my patterns to any site, without my permission, is a copyright violation.


Do I need to work a gauge swatch?

For garments – yes. For home decor – not necessarily but your project may not be the same size as indicated in the pattern.


Will you resize a pattern for me?

In a nutshell – no. A lot of work goes into grading a pattern, and I try to be inclusive of sizes that I feel the design looks best in. I would be happy to help you by giving you guidance on the math needed for the size you are looking for.


I’m unfamiliar with a technique used in your pattern. Can you teach me?

I have a number of tutorials listed on my TUTORIALS page, and am working on some video tutorials. If the technique you are looking for is not listed in my tutorials check with your local yarn store or knitting guild for classes, or YouTube for videos.


I do not ‘teach’ knitting, crochet, or specific techniques via email.


Can I sell the projects I make with your pattern?

Basically – yes. Copyright covers the printed pattern – my words, my charts, etc. I fully support charity use of my patterns, especially when the receiving charity benefits animals or children. I do not support or encourage commercial use of my patterns though. I believe that if you really want to engage in commercial knitting or crochet, you are most likely creative enough to design your own products.


Will you replace a lost or updated pattern?

If you created an account on my site, you will always have access to the pattern you purchased.


Think of this request this way – will a retail store replace a lost or updated item for you, for free? I don’t know of any that will. My site is a retail outlet for my patterns, with the opportunity to create an account so you will always be able to access your purchase.

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