Ending on a good note…………….

Ending on a good note…………….

Yeah – it’s Friday! I am so glad we’ve made it to the end of the week and today is beginning much better than the rest of the week has. For starters, the dogs managed to go outside this morning and come back in without needed yet another SKUNK bath – the bath count remains at six. Yep, you heard me – we’ve had to give three of our dogs a total of six baths this week because they can’t seem to understand that you don’t mess with SKUNKS. DH has been doing his best to get rid of the SKUNKS who have been most uncooperative in this effort. They seem to enjoy hanging about our barn, which only houses motorized things, no animals and therefore no food for the SKUNKS to get into. I really, really, really dislike SKUNKS.

And we’re heading into a three day weekend – yeah a “free” day to do something fun. There is an arts fair in Manitou Springs I want to go to and a Concours de Elegance at the Broadmoor and the farmer’s market in Old Colorado – humm, where to go?

I don’t have any new pictures of completed knitting projects for you today, although I’ve been getting some knitting done. My “to be published” project is coming along nicely. I am taking time to make sure this one is as perfect as I can make it before sending it off to the publisher. Not that I don’t always make sure any of my work is the best it can be, it’s just that this one has to be absolutely perfect in every way. The publisher gave me a generous deadline so I am making good use of that time. Two new submissions also went off to another publisher – if even just one is accepted I’ve be in seventh heaven. More ideas have been sketched and initial notes made for new designs, some I’ll submit and others will be self published.

Knitting for the home front has been the socks for DH, not quite done; a sweater for Bezer since nothing fits him anymore, the weather over the UTE Cup weekend gave me a heads up fall & winter will be here before we know it and Bezer needs at least one sweater to start with; another puppy sweater for a friend is just about done and I’m hoping to get it sent off next week; and I’ll be starting this year’s RMTA project next month – have the yarn and pattern sketched – just need to make my chart.

Speaking of RMTA, I agreed to take over maintaining the club’s web page so the membership secretary job is open for volunteers. This is pretty exciting since, will some help, we’re looking at redoing the web site from the ground up and I’ll be working with open source CMS for the first time. I love learning.

And for those of you who enjoy my list of blogs to read – I’ve got a new one. The WritingCoach, who is a friend of mine and I’m really glad she’s started a blog. She’s one very wise person, I’ve learned tons from her –  you will too.

I’ll end on that note today – Hope you all have a safe & great Labor Day Holiday!

Cheers! Jean

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  • drdesigns
    Posted at 14:45h, 05 September

    Thanks Ria – I think we’ve finally got a handle on them. The skunk population has been up this year – our neighbors are having the same problem with their dogs. Go neighborhood skunk watch! I never knew that cats would bother skunks though – how do you get her clean? I’d be ripped to shreds if I tried to give any of our cats a bath.

  • ria f
    Posted at 14:33h, 05 September

    Hope you’re having better luck with the Skunks! My one cat seems to find one whenever she gets out… she likes Pepe le Pew apparantly!

    Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)