Designer Interview ~ Rebekah Evelyn Designs

Designer Interview ~ Rebekah Evelyn Designs

Many times, when a designer is interviewed, we ask how or when did you learn to knit (or crochet). And often the answer is “a long time ago”, “from my mother or grandmother”, “in college” – or a variety of other answers. The real question we’re asking is how long have you been practicing this craft, and how does that make you an expert capable of designing. I want to tell you right now – THROW ALL THAT OUT THE WINDOW – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is how the designer applies themselves and how they perceive their designs.

Today I want to introduce you to a young lady who has only been crocheting and knitting for 8-9 years, and just started publishing her patterns in the spring of 2012. At 16 yrs old she has an amazing outlook on her designing future. Meet…..Rebekah Evelyn…..

Rebekah EvelynTell us a bit about yourself:  I’m a homeschooled high school junior with ten siblings. I love to knit and design. My other hobbies include crocheting, reading, and writing.

How did you get started in selling your designs?  I wanted to earn some money so I could buy yarn to make sweaters for myself. So I started selling a few patterns. Then I realized that I wasn’t going to be making that much money any time soon, but I loved the process so much that I’ve kept doing it. Maybe eventually I break even. 🙂

What do you see as your design style?  It’s whatever my imagination comes up with and what I like. So far I’ve been really intrigued with geometric patterns, texture, and patterns that you would see in nature.

What influences your designs?  Almost everything! The world outside, my family, what I wear, the internet. It’s a lot of different things put together. One of the next patterns I’m hoping to self-publish is an idea that came to me in that world between sleeping and waking.

Braided Possibilities by Rebekah Evelyn

Braided Possibilities

What do you enjoy most about designing?  Oh my! I LOVE to knit, so that’s one of the best parts. I also like figuring out the math, but I haven’t graded a sweater yet so we’ll see how I feel about it after that!

Do you have any projects coming up that you can share or give us a sneak peek of?  I’ve been working a lot on Christmas presents lately, so I haven’t had much time for design work. But sometime this spring I’m hoping to self-publish some fingerless mitts with tulips on them.

Do you get to do much knitting or crocheting for yourself?  So far, I’ve been designing when I feel like it, so I’ve had a lot of time to make whatever else I want. This year, I’ve knit myself a headband, two pairs of socks, two shawls, fingerless mitts, two pairs of mittens, a lightweight cardigan, and right now I’m working on another pair of socks. 🙂

Strawberry Patch Handwarmers by Rebekah Evelyn

Strawberry Patch Handwarmers

What prompted you to participate in the Indie Design Gift A-long on Ravelry?  I thought the whole idea sounded like a lot of fun and I was looking for exposure and maybe more sales.

Has the GAL met your expectations?  Oh yes! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have acquired a lot of faves and queues and sold more during the sale period than all the time before that put together.

Would you like to see the GAL become an annual event?  I would! I think it’s a lot of fun, and will only continue to be.

Where can folks see your designs?  On Ravelry under my business name, Rebekah Evelyn Designs.

Thanks for having me Jean!!

You’re welcome Rebekah – thank you for participating in my Indie Design Gift A-long designer interview series. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for new designs from you.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean

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