Darling Darby Sweater Gallery

The sweaters in this slideshow have all been created by knitters around the world using my “Darling Darby Dog Sweater” pattern. Each sweater is as individual as the knitters are themselves!


Would you like to include your finished “Darling Darby Dog Sweater” in this photo gallery? Just send a photo in jpg format along with your dog’s name to: jean@desertrosefiberarts.com. I add photos when I have several to add at once.



dds torin
dds tonya
dds tavish
dds shadow
dds savannah
dds rufus
dds roxy
dds rolston
dds passionateknitter
dds penny
dds pink
dds aprilia
dds red
dds remy
dds rocket
dds rolston x3
dds osiris
dds nosheepyet
dds nora
dds newman
dds nevi
dds nate
dds moran
dds molly
dds lucie
dds lucy
dds maggie
dds maizzie
dds manduh
dds max
dds minnie
dds mister
dds louie
dds laszlo
dds kona-bear
dds kash
dds kaiser
dds junebug
dds jimineecricket
dds jillhudgins
dds gracie 2
dds green
dds harvey
dds hattie
dds hotpink
dds ike
dds jasper
dds jay
dds gracie
dds gidget
dds frankie
dds flippit
dds fleur
dds flash
dds elsa
dds edi
dds cosmo
dds daisy
dds darby
dds laura
dds dexter
dds diesel
dds dobei
dds eddie
dds cooper
dds clint
dds christmas
dds celias
dds callie
dds buffy
dds buddy
dds brownell
dds 2 tone
dds alice genser
dds bailey
dds banjo
dds bentley
Bezer in his Darling Darby Sweater
dds boopersin
dds boys
dds zeppa
dds yellow blue
ddds woobie
dds violet
dds umi