Casco Bay Sport Yarn Review…

casco bay cottong sport

Casco Bay Sport Yarn Review…

I recently completed a project for a publisher, using a yarn I had not heard of before ~ Casco Bay Sport by Halcyon Yarns. Let me introduce you to this yarn…

casco bay cottong sportCasco Bay is 100% cotton with a fine, criss-crossed binder. The binder gives a slightly ‘pebbly’ texture to the yarn, which adds interest to your finished project. I found Casco Bay to have a crisp hand coming off the cone, yet it softens beautifully as you work with it. Knitting was easy ~ no snagging or splitting, but I did need to go up a needle size from the recommended US 4 or 5. Using a size US 5 for my original swatch felt like a struggle but with a US 6 I was able to move right along and the fabric had just the right amount of drape. One type of stitch that cotton is not known for showing well is cables, yet my cables were well defined and look nice with this yarn. And the lace work for this design looks good too.

Halcyon sells Casco Bay in both sport and worsted weights, and in mini cones of 350 yds and 1 lb cones of 1,400 yds. Using the larger cone means fewer, or no ends to weave in, depending on your project. And Halcyon has a nice range of colors to choose from.

Casco Bay is also machine wash and dry ~ gentle cycles of course. The fabric fills out nicely after being laundered but like any cotton is subject to shrinkage. You’ll definitely want to swatch & launder your swatch before beginning your project. Halcyon says the colors will “fade softly” which I cannot speak to. My project went to the publisher after only one washing, which did not affect the color.

Overall, this is a yarn you might want to try. It’s suited to a wide variety of projects from garments to home decor. Casco Bay Cotton is a yarn I will consider for future projects.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean

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