Can you believe it’s already Jan 10th?

Can you believe it’s already Jan 10th?

Can you believe it’s already Jan 10th, 2011? I don’t know about you but for me 2010 went by in a flash. I hope everyone had wonderful & safe holidays and 2011 is everything you want it to be!

Here in Colorado, 2011 started out with some really cold weather – below zero. And in my search for warm clothes (to go out to the barn so I could get our goats fed), I discovered that not one knit cap in our house fits ME. They are all too big – made for DH & DS. Wearing them anyway didn’t help much since they kept falling over my eyes…uggh. Can you imagine – here I am designing knitwear and I have nothing to keep my own head warm.

The solution – take an afternoon, sit myself down and knit myself a cap that fits!Keep Me Warm “Keep Me Warm” was born – and I decided to offer it as a FREE pattern so other knitters who want just a basic knit cap that fits can have one. “Keep Me Warm” is more a guide to knit a custom sized cap than an actual pattern. The good part about that is knitters can jazz it up anyway they want.

Besides knitting a warm cap for myself, I’ve been working in planning new designs for 2011, and some fun things for my blog. I’ll be doing monthly book reviews, designer interviews and even a KAL or two. So stayed tuned…more info to come!

Cheers! Jean

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