Busy, busy, busy……………..

Busy, busy, busy……………..

Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun! I know, it’s been a week since I wrote.

Remember the socks for DH that I frogged because I didn’t like the stitch pattern I started with? Well, I came up with a different one, that I like a lot – only thing is this pattern is really similar to Ann Budd’s sock pattern “Diagonal Rib Socks“, which is a pattern I hadn’t seen until after I was almost done with the first cuff and was spending a little time looking at patterns on Ravelry. Oh well, it’s a good pattern and DH likes it and this pair is different from all his other pairs which is what he likes.

There are some differences between “my” pattern and Ms. Budd’s – most notably I have p2, k2, p2 between the diagonal ribs and she has a series of 1×1 ribs. And of course the pair I’m working on is sized for a men’s medium, but I may have to make myself a pair with this pattern too. Other differences are: I have a 2×2 ribbed cuff (no separate “cuff” in AB’s pattern), I carried the diagonal rib pattern down the heel – looks really cool – (AB’s is normal heel stitch) and DH likes the top of the foot to be ribbed, so I am doing 2×2 rib for him (AB’s pattern has the stitch pattern to the toes). Oh, the beauty of the flexibility of knitting.

Here’s pics of DH socks so far – haven’t taken any since getting past turning the heel. These are my “take along” or “spare time knit for just a few minutes” project.

BTW, I do like Opal yarns for DH socks, it takes the hard wear he dishes out. He also likes to chose his own yarn & colors – does a pretty good job don’t you think.

And a couple of very exciting packages arrived yesterday – 1st, the book I purchased from Interweave Press Hurt Book sale – Weldon’s Practical Needlework Volume 12. Just let me say, awesome book and there isn’t a “hurt” on it anywhere! Not the binding, not the pages, nothing. If all Interweave Hurt books are like this I will certainly buy from this sale again. The postage was a little high I thought, since the book only had to come from one county away – but the price and condition of the book makes up for it.

The 2nd, and most exciting package – I received the yarns for my “to be published” project. The yarns are Berroco Pure Merino and Jasper – love both. Now, off to the day job so I can get done there and start on this project tonight! Ok, I have to work it into the other designs I’m doing – but I can at least start it. I’ll also take a look at the deadline for each project and schedule my knitting time based on that.

Have a great day – Cheers! Jean

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