And the knitting is on……………

And the knitting is on……………

I can honestly say I am so glad to be able to focus on my knitting again. It took this past week to get the trial out of my mind so I could concentrate on something else. Serving on a jury really does impact your life in unexpected ways.

The first project on my list for completion is the pattern for Dani’s Legwarmers – yeah! I am doing some new swatches, mostly to recheck what I had done when creating the original pair. While I did take notes at the time, what I pulled out to write a pattern from left something to be desired. Since deciding to focus on expanding my pattern line my note taking has improved greatly.

Here’s a few pictures of the new swatches. The purple, green & red are done with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. The brown & pink are with Inca Alpaca knit at a DK or light worsted gauge. I haven’t decided yet if I like that gauge. I also decided to do the sizing by calf circumference rather than by child/adult S/M & M/L as I had originally planned.

DLW swatch 1

DLW swatch 2

DLW alpaca 1

DLW alpaca 2

My photography is getting a little better too, I think. For now I’m sticking with my little Sony and will keep practicing with the Canon.

And best of all – I am planning on having this pattern ready for release in early July – which is right around the corner! I’ll be making it available as a PDF download both on my web site and Ravelry. Watch for it :)

Cheers! Jean

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