An exciting first for me…….

An exciting first for me…….

will be participating in Donna Druchunas’ blog tour for her newest book “Ethnic Knitting Exploration”, and I am really excited about it! Donna has graciously provided a copy of her book for advance review. I must say I’m liking this book from the very first page.

Donna’s visit to my blog will be April 3rd, 2009 and I’m preparing an interview for her. I’d love to have you all stop by and join us.

What else is happening in my knitting world? Lots of swatching, swatching & more swatching :) Every design submitted needs a swatch, and I’m pretty happy that in February I completed six, count ’em – 6, submissions and got them sent in. While waiting to hear back on those I’ve been working on another due next week. This design has been evading me a bit – translating what is in my head to paper & knitting. Letting my mind just wander brought it into focus so I will be finishing it this weekend. Over thinking something doesn’t help me at all.

This weekend I’ll also be putting my design for Wooly Wonka Fibers to needles. The planning is done so it’s on to the knitting. It’s been hard to focus on the planning stages because I so much want to get on with the knitting of this one. You know when a project really calls to you and you just want to start knitting immediately? That’s how this design has been for me.

With all this design work going on I got to thinking about things I made as a youngster. In particular there was this 3 piece suit I sewed when I was in the 7th grade – a jacket, skirt & pants – a 4-H project. The lines of the suit weren’t bad but the fabric I chose……………oh, hideous! I can still picture the orange background with white strawberries & green leaves. What was I thinking? Never mind that in the late-mid sixties this fabric was probably very fashionable – today it’s awful. I wish I had a picture to show you, but you’d probably gag.

So, on Saturday I am going to the second monthly meet-up of El Paso County Crafters. The first meet-up was a lot of fun and this second one should be too. Several people have said they are bringing crochet projects so I’m thinking this will be a good opportunity to crochet at least one crate mat. I’ve been meaning to make some both for my dog’s crates and some to give to the Humane Society. Finding extra time always seems to be where I bog down.

Now you know what’s been going on with me since my last post – how about with you? Anyone working on anything special?

Cheers! Jean

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