Add a Decorative Trim to a Folded Waistband…..

Add a Decorative Trim to a Folded Waistband…..

Are you looking for a neater waistband for your knit skirts? Does a drawstring waist seem just too casual for a tailored skirt? Have you considered using a folded waistband instead?

The reason I prefer a folded waistband over a drawstring waist, for a knit or crochet skirt, is that you can put elastic in the folded waistband, and I think it’s a neater way to hold your skirt up. This type of waistband can be used by itself or along with a zipper or button placket. Another reason I like to use a folded waistband is because it’s easy to work a decorative trim right along with the waistband. And for folks like my sister-in-law, the trim makes it easy to tell the right side from the wrong side of the skirt.

I wanted to get my SIL new skirts for Christmas, but apparently the style she wears (full & mid-calf) is not currently in fashion and we couldn’t find any stores selling them (at a reasonable price), so I decided to make her some. Here’s what I did with the waistband so she can tell when her skirts are on right side out…..

You can use a knit, folded waistband on both knit and crocheted skirts. The skirts I made for my SIL are crocheted, and she loves them.

And skirts are not the only garments you can use this waistband on – shorts, leggings, pants all come to mind. So the next time you want to knit or crochet a garment – try substituting a folded waistband for a drawstring one – I think you’ll be a convert to. :)

Click here for a PDF cheat-sheet you can keep in your knitting bag: Folded Waistband with Decorative Trim.

Happy Knitting! Jean

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