Welcome to my world – Desert Rose Fiber Arts!


Why Desert Rose?

Because I live in the high desert of Colorado (really – 7,349 ft) and roses are my favorite flower.


Why Fiber Arts?

Because I love everything about creating with yarn & needles or hook. I love tech editing to help other designers reach their full potential; especially new designers. And I love creating websites and graphics devoted to fiber arts. 



When a finished project reflects the picture I have in my mind – whether a new sweater design or website – it feels really good. I grew up learning that any task worth doing is worth doing well.


It’s the way I approach everything – do the best I possibly can, and never stop learning. 

Published Works

My designs have been featured in magazines, books, and published by yarn companies, in addition to being self-published under my Desert Rose Fiber Arts label.


Visit my Published Designs page for a full list of my designs with third-party publishers. 

Tech Editing & Web Design

The attention to detail I give my designs, I also give to my tech editing and website services. 


I offer both fixed and hourly rates for tech editing, depending on the project. Details are on my Tech Editing Services page.


Website & Graphic Design services are based on the work requested. See what I can do for you on my Website Design page.


We all enjoy a pat on the back for a job well done. Some people ask for them, so don’t, and some make them up. 


The testimonials on my Tech Editing Services and Website Design pages are all authentic comments from my clients. 

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