Aahh…the weekend….

Aahh…the weekend….

time for FUN! And what is fun today?

Well, I’ve got a new product listed in the Desert Rose Boutique – the first set of stitch markers! Yes, I know – there are several online shops selling stitch markers – and each one has their unique concepts & designs. Just like patterns. I think there is room for all and I think you’ll like mine.

Crafting these markers is a creative and fun process…no two sets will be the same…you know I’m all about doing unique things 🙂 This first set is made with red crystal beads set into shell circles, with one gold crystal bead marker that is useful to mark the beginning of rounds or a stitch pattern. The end caps are silver rondelles and I’ve carefully hand wrapped each wire to avoid any snagging on your yarn. There are 8 markers in this set, all for only $12.00.


Another set will be a prize for the July Play Yarn Dash, so if you haven’t signed up and played yet you won’t have a chance to win these………….


There are 10 markers in this set…the one distinct marker has a purple crystal bead while the rest have a mauve glass diamond bead set into a shell circle, all have a coordinating glass cap bead on top and again…I carefully hand wrapped all the wires to avoid any snagging. Both the set I am selling and this one will fit up to a US9 (5.5mm) needle.


I’m off for more *fun*…..and some design work………….

Cheers! Jean

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