A Design Journey..the Review..

lavender sheep sw merino berry pie colorway

A Design Journey..the Review..

When we began our design journey, I promised you a more in-depth review of the yarn I used. Like most designers I am picky about matching the yarn to the project for my self-published designs. Sometimes it’s a matter of finding just the right yarn for a project and other times it’s a matter of designing just the right project for the yarn.

For “Aeron Hat” it was finding the right yarn for the project, and in LavenderSheep Superwash Sport ~ I found what I was looking for. When sourcing yarn over the internet you are trusting the yarn manufacturer or indie dyer’s description of the yarn to be honest & accurate.

lavender sheep sw merino berry pie colorwayWhen I contacted Yvonne (indie dyer behind LavenderSheep) about yarn support for Aeron Hat, and described the yarn I was looking for…she immediately recommended her Superwash Sport. It had everything I was looking for. And she was right ~ Yvonne knows her yarn bases and you can be comfortable knowing the information she gives you is 100% correct.

Like most indie dyers, Yvonne has a palette of colors she uses and not all are in stock all the time. Her color choices are rich & vivid, which some monitors may not show well, and I did have some color bleed when I washed my swatch so be sure to rinse your swatch/project well. This is not unusual with indie yarns so it’s just something you want to be aware of so you can properly care for your project.bias hat swatch

 On the softness scale…..Superwash Sport is one of the softest superwash merino yarns I’ve used. Due to the process to make merino (or any wool yarn) washable, the yarn can lose some of it’s natural softness. Not so with the base Yvonne uses ~ it is beautifully wearable next to your skin. Which is an important factor for a chemo therapy hat.

Knitting with Superwash Sport was a pleasure. It moved right along on my needles (Addi Turbos), did not split and did not snag. The yarn is squishy with a lot of spring, and holds the stitches very well. For this project I have not seen a lot pilling, even with all the handling the hat has had.

In conclusion ~ LavenderSheep Superwash Sport is a yarn I will use again, and feel very good about recommending it to you for Aeron Hat.

Happy Knitting! Jean

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