A Design Journey..the final stop..

aeron hat top side view

A Design Journey..the final stop..

This is the final stop on our design journey…our sample is done and the final checks for the pattern are underway. When we left stop #3 we had finished the hat body and just needed to complete the brim then write the pattern.

bias hat front bandCompleting the brim went nicely. My choice for a bind off was the “Icelandic” bind off. This matches garter stitch very well and is sufficiently stretchy while also providing some stability to the edge. Other choices include EZ’s Sewn Bind off, Decrease or K2tog Bind off, Yarn Over Bind off or whatever stretchy bind off you like. (I hope to have a tutorial posted soon for the Icelandic bind off). A quick Google search for stretchy bind offs will return lots of options.

This brings us to writing the pattern, having it tech edited and getting some good photos to use. My DH found this glass head that I can use for some basic photos – not quite the same as a ‘live’ model but OK for showing the hat on a head and not flat.

One decision for writing the pattern is whether to include more than one size. This design actually lends itself to multiple sizes, so yes…the final pattern does include multiple sizes. Another consideration when writing the pattern is to make sure ALL the information needed to complete the project is included. My checklist includes:

  • Project size(s)
  • Finished measurements
  • Materials – yarn; yarn weight/type; needle(s) – size(s)/type(s); supplies like stitch markers, cable needle, yarn needle, etc.
  • Gauge – stitch and row count to 4-inches in what stitch pattern and/or St st
  • Pattern notes
  • Pattern stitches
  • Special Abbreviations (if any)
  • Project instructions – written and/or chart(s)
  • Abbreviations used in the patternbias hat side view

When I think I have the pattern done – off it goes to my tech editor, who checks my math, consistency & completeness and lets me know if anything needs fixed. While this process is going on I will try to get some modeled photos, or at least the best styled photos I can, of the design.

When everything is ready – editing done, photos taken – the pattern is ready to format in my style sheet and be published!

As sometimes happens, life events can sidetrack our work and add time to the planned schedule from concept to published pattern. While this design was planned to take less than a month, it actually took about another half month to reach this final stop, due to unplanned life events. So…look for the pattern release next week ♥.

Thank you for coming along this journey with me. Part One is Here; Part Two is Here; and Part Three is Here if you missed them or would like to reread them. And a special Thank You to Yvonne of Lavender Sheep for her support of this project!

Happy Knitting! Jean

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