A Christmas story…………..

A Christmas story…………..

Since my last post I’ve been busy knitting – one shawl complete, working on the border for the second shawl and one more to go. I go off work a little early yesterday and thought I’d have some extra time after dinner to keep working on that second shawl. What happened? Let me tell you………

I called my DH to let him know I was heading home from work – and since I had been out delivering Holiday baskets for one of our clients I was coming from a different area of town. He says ok, kind of subdued. Then he says…..the dogs got your yarn. What?!? What yarn I say, thinking oh no they managed to reach the yarn for the third shawl. No, it wasn’t that yarn…..your Christmas yarn. What?

DH had been wrapping Christmas presents and somehow the yarn he bought for me either fell out of the bag, or he left it on the table within dog reach. A couple of our dogs really like to play with balls. And they “found” a soft, green – Qiviuk ball to play with………yes, you heard me. DH had bought a skein of Windy Valley Muskox Qiviuk for me, and now it was a tangled mess.

When I got home DH had the yarn spread out on the table and was trying to find an end. He’d been looking for an end for at least 45 mins. Oh my gosh – would we ever be able to rewind the yarn? Will it be ok – no felting or damaged beyond use? I looked carefully over the yarn and it seemed like no serious damage had been done. So, I put down my things and started working on getting the tangles out and finding an end.

About another 45 mins later – YES – here’s an end! Now to start winding the yarn into a ball and working gently through all the tangles. Ok, this part is going well…..wait, here’s another big tangle………ok, past that one – let’s keep going. Patience, patience – tugging won’t help. Yes this is worth untangling, no we can’t just go buy another skein. We should take a picture of this mess…….no, for a yarnie that would be like graphic violence. Three hours later we have the yarn wound into a ball. There was only one break and that was only a couple of yards from the end so I can deal with that. No serious damage although the ball now has a soft halo. I think I’ll cry now.

DH felt so bad, he knows this yarn is special. He’s a good man and really wanted to make this right. Without his help I would still be sitting at the table trying to rewind & untangle the skein. So thank you God for 1. a DH who knows to buy good yarn, and 2. a DH who knows when he goofed and needs to make it right 🙂 That’s my real Christmas present.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night! May the New Year bring you peace, joy & happiness.


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  • drdesigns
    Posted at 06:57h, 24 December

    Well, I didn’t want to make DH feel any worse. And he would have been the one taking any picture since the camera I can work is broken.

  • miukat
    Posted at 06:14h, 24 December

    I’m a little disappointed that you left out the obligatory, yarn-y graphic violence. Some people like that…

    Have a wonderful holiday, and can’t wait to see that Qiviuk in an FO!

  • Anne
    Posted at 07:07h, 20 December

    He’s a keeper!

    Merry Christmas!